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Meet the Team

Bashiki Bacu Rwanda is Kinyarwanda for "Our Sisters in Rwanda".


The organization was founded by Paige Lee Baron-Schrier in 2020 after a trip to Rwanda. During her visit, she became impressed with the enterprising spirit of the country and the hearts of the people that had moved on from the difficult times of the genocide.


Paige Lee has traveled to 20 countries in Africa and during her explorations she was thinking about how to contribute to a continent that she felt very connected to. After meeting Saddy in Kigali, and visiting with women in the village of Kabuye, the concept of Bashiki Bacu Rwanda easily came together. 



Paige Lee Baron-Schrier is a real estate developer and a cultural photographer. She has a master's degree from New York University and has a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Studies from the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business. Paige Lee enjoys hiking in the wilderness, occasionally climbing tall mountains, and writing poetry. 

Paige Lee Baron-Schrier founder of Non-profit Bashiki Bacu Rwanda
Paige Lee and Geneste.
Geneste now runs a hair salon enterprise and also does watermelon farming.

Director of Operations


Dusabumukiza Ally Saddy is the Director of Operations in Kigali, Rwanda where he was born and raised. Saddy has a bachelor’s degree in Tourism. He is passionate about his country, enjoys traveling and loves seeing the wild Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda when able. 

Saddy and women of
Bashiki Bacu Rwanda



Uwanyirigira Mary has been a businesswoman for 30 years which gave her the experience to become the president of Duterimbere, a NGO that also empowers women towards eradication of poverty. Now Mary helps the women of Bashiki Bacu Rwanda by teaching business planning, family planning and entrepreneurial skills. Mary enjoys keeping up on world events and cooking in her spare time. 

Mary and women of
Bashiki Bacu Rwanda
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